Wondfo - is this an evap?

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aliwat Posted: 11-15-2011 1:12 PM

Hi there! I am 11dpiui (converted from an IVF cycle) and this is my first month using Wondfo tests. I don't know what to think so if you have any experience with them, please chime in!

I think this is an evap or chemical pregnancy (I have had a lot of them) but I don't think it's still the trigger as I tested that out several days ago. Yesterday and today's Wondfo tests look EXACTLY the same which is making me think it's an evap.

I'm also getting very very very slightly positive tests on FRER but they aren't getting darker either. Sad

What do you think?


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K.A.T replied on 11-15-2011 2:13 PM

I won't rule out chemical, but I will rule out evap.

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pixie1120 replied on 11-15-2011 2:18 PM

I agree with K.A.T. I don't think it is an evap.  You could always go in for a blood test and some betas if you want to take out the guessing.

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aliwat replied on 11-15-2011 2:32 PM

Thanks ladies - that makes me feel better to know it's not an evap. I threw the BFNs out so I couldn't compare if for some reason they just all look like that when they are dry.

Beta is Friday.

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pixie1120 replied on 11-15-2011 2:37 PM

Good luck with your beta.  Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!  I know there have been a few ladies that say that the wondfos are good for detecting early pregnancy, but that they never really get any darker.  Fingers Crossed that is what is going on with you.  They even started a thread called the Wondfo rant, in fertility tests and tools, if you haven't looked at it already maybe it will give you a little piece of mind for the time being.

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Jenster2 replied on 11-15-2011 3:53 PM

In my experience, Wondfo's give incredible early early lines, even before FRER.  But, they don't get darker.  I had tested with Wondfo's for 5 days and they went from a super squinter to a squinter.  I was sick of waiting for them to get darker and they never did.  I was questioning my sanity.  I finally went out and got some FRERs.  It was a shocker when I took one.  The line was there and dark even before the dye crossed the whole test.  It ended up being the same color as the control line while the Wondfos were still real squinters.  I really hated Wondfos after that experience, but when I calmed down, I realized it is awfully nice to have cheap early tests.  And because I love to pee on things, I decided to keep using them... knowing that only an FRER or "real" test will actually show me the progression I want/need to see.

Best of luck to you!  And I agree with the PP's.  That's not an evap!  Let us know when you get your beta results.  I hope this one is a sticky one!


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aliwat replied on 11-15-2011 4:02 PM

Thanks Pixie!

Jen, thank you so much for your post! I, too, like to pee on things and that is REALLY good to note that the Wondfos don't progress like FRERs do. FRERs are so expensive - I'd hate to pay a ton of money just to watch a chem. pg. fade out, you know what I mean?

I have one FRER left from the box so I many try to save it until beta day just to see if I am still in the running.

Thanks again - you all are the best!

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aliwat replied on 11-16-2011 1:17 PM

Just an test today was much lighter, a true squinter, so I am out. On to IVF yet again in January 2012...

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ddubfan replied on 11-16-2011 2:37 PM

If you're talking about a Wondofo test being much lighter, I wouldn't put too much worry into that. I was definitely pregnant and still getting very very faint lines on the Wondofo's even after obvious positives on FRER, dollar store tests, and digitals. So faint that I would have to tilt the test in a certain light to see anything.


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lbm436 replied on 11-16-2011 6:11 PM

I agree about the Wondo never getting really dark. Mine never did. I did one for fun at 8 weeks and a couple weeks ago (really for fun) at like 18 or 19 weeks. Both were about the same darkness as my test at 18dpo. 

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